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My 3 Life Changing Realization March 17, 2009

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Argel T. Cruz 26 January 2009


The first significant life changing realization I experienced in my college life is when I was admitted at the college. It really changed my life because I discovered myself that life in college is really diverse when opposed to my high school and grade school life. First of all, the culture in Benilde is different in other colleges. I can say that because when I converse with my former high school friends, they say to me that it is very different there at your college. The second thing I discovered is that when you are in college, you can almost do whatever you want that you can’t formerly do in high school. It includes: going home late, going anywhere you want within your reach and many more! But one thing I learned is that you must be responsible for all of your actions. For example, if you decide to smoke or drink and use drugs, you must be then responsible and liable for those actions. In my personal case, I first drank alcoholic beverages when I was in my freshman year in college (I don’t smoke and use drugs). In that matter, I learned that I must be a responsible drinker so that I can still go home and look normal. Moreover, in college, you can meet a many vast new friends. As for my feedback to that, it is not that hard to choose new friends. But as a precaution, you must join a group with a good image; I mean not to join the “petiks group” or the group which is in to not so good actions or attitudes. I also learned on how to blend into many types of people in Benilde. Most of the community there are rich people. But I have learned that even though they are rich, some are down to earth and really approachable, but of course there is always an exception. There are some who is really “presko” and boastful of their assets. Based on my experience you need to get along with everybody so that you can gain more friends, even though not your best buddies but at least you have a good friendship with them because in some point in time, they could be handy. So as for my conclusion for the first life changing realization I experienced in my college life, oneself must be ready for a change, especially if it isn’t comfortable or easy to change something. The ability to adopt or to adjust to the transition from high school life to college is key to one’s success in college.

The second significant life changing realization I experienced in my college life is when I attended in my “Pagtuklas” and “Paghilom” recollection. In that event, I was able to realize my mistakes in both my college and family life. Recollection indeed is necessary to have in everyone’s lives. Based on my experience, it is the time to reflect to your life. I was able to realize my standing or vision towards life. It also helped me to converse with my block mates and tell them what I feel for them. In other words, it is like a “bull-session”. You get to know the perceptions of others towards you. Everyone was able to confess their feelings to each other. After those recollections, I feel relieved and my feeling was lighter. I was also able to develop a better relationship with my friends and block mates. In addition, this experience was very important to me because it helped build my personality and character. I was also able to change the bad attitudes that were attributed to me (I am not forced but decided to change for the betterment of me). So as for my conclusion to this life changing realization, this must be significant but I should say that this isn’t the greatest change in my life.

Moving on, the last the significant life changing realization I experienced in my college life is when I discovered how important is to be successful during my stay in college. For me, college is the stepping to the transition from college life to the real life. It thought me what life after college is. The college has done a pretty good job molding us into young professionals and prepare is in the next industry wherein we will move on. It gave us an overview on where we stand in the industry. One concept I learned is the “monggo”. It was thought by my professor in ORDEV-C. We, college students are the monggo and when it is thrown out in the soil, the question is “will we grow or die?” With that concept, we must be prepared so that when we are thrown out in the real life, we could grow progressively. So as for my conclusion to the third life changing realization in college life, it is very imperative to take seriously the life in college.



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